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  • Lord Keldon's Birthday Party

    [[:lord-keldon | LORD KELDON]] has invited everyone to his 36th birthday party. The Players are invited to come. While mixing and mingling with the townsfolk, a strange woman enters and is mingling with the crowd. She walks over to you and for some …

  • Gen Ellen Collinsworth

    [[:gen-ben-hollinsworth | Gen Ben Hollinsworth]] is her older cousin and he put in a good word for her so she would be recruited into the Military. She made rank rather quickly showing her superiors that she was officer. She later retired from field …

  • Mayor Alan Collinsworth

    married to[[:gen-ellen-collinsworth | Gen Ellen Collinsworth]] and [[:gen-ben-hollinsworth | Gen Ben Hollinsworth]] is cousin by marriage.

  • Janet Hollingsworth

    Younger sister of [[:gen-ellen-collinsworth | Gen Ellen Collinsworth]] and the younger cousin of [[:gen-ben-hollinsworth | Gen Ben Hollinsworth]].[[Beven | Beven]] She is looking for a taller man same built as her to fall in love with. She works as …

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